Every day is Digital Rights Day

Together we can raise the bar on our Digital Human Rights! Join #everydayisdigitalrightsday

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Digital Rights House X Mozfest House

19 - 21 June


Below you will find the opportunities to participate. See how you can help stimulate the impact we have together!

Open call

Interested in helping out providing an impression of what is going on in bringing digital human rights further in the coming version of DRH Experience? 

> Start June 2023

> Based on briefing, preferably Amsterdam based

> Digital Rights House

Open call

We are developing the concept op a 'hotline' for citizens on the topic of digital human rights. Join the fun and help us design the conversations of the digital right 'Hotline'. (Citizen conversations) 

> Start anytime

> Voluntary parttime

> Work on location, based on a fixed number of agreed upon moments

> Digital Rights House


17 May 2023 - Discover your Digital Rights Expo

16 May 2023 - Digital Rights Talk in Den Haag (In Dutch)


Discover what we have done to raise the bar on Digital Human Rights

Research 'Helpdesk' Leidseplein, Amsterdam Centrum

Research 'Helpdesk' Amsterdamse Bos Amsterdam Zuid-West

Research 'Helpdesk' Beatrixpark, Amsterdam Zuid


Digital Rights Day is an initiative of Digital Rights House Foundation, enabling citizens to contribute in activities raising the bar on digital human rights in a city. Together with partners, the opportunity list will continue to grow in the coming months. The Amsterdam based team is excited to get connected with you. Feel free to contact us any time.